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The fastest and simplest javascript playground with real-time result view and console. Learn, test and prototype easier.
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Old way
1. Buy IDE or editor
2. Install and configure editor
3. Install Node.js
4. Add Node.js to PATH
5. Open IDE and create project
6. Init NPM Project
7. Configure Babel, Typescript, SASS...
8. Configure Webpack
9. Create file
10. Write first line of code
New way
and write code
Running code is distracting, you don't have to think about it
Old way
1. Open browser
2. Open console
3. Write code
4. Save file
5. Wait few seconds
6. Alt+Tab to browser and see result
7. Repeat these steps many times
New way
🚀 See result as you type
Code runs in real-time, automatically.
Are you annoyed when looking for an error?
Old way
😩 Spend hours to find an error checking line by line...
New way
🐞 See errors in right place, instantly.
PLAYCODE bug finder
Typescript compiler used in this example
Flexible layout
Transform and rearrange code and result panels as you prefer.
Switch language in one click
There are JSX, Typescript, TSX, CoffeeScript, Pug, Less, Sass, SCSS, Stylus. And latest Babel preset.
PLAYCODE languages
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