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The easy-to-use and fast JavaScript compiler. Write JavaScript code and run it online. Save time & effort with live view results, ready-to-use templates.
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Introducing the JavaScript Compiler

Our JavaScript online Compiler is the perfect solution for beginner developers looking to streamline their workflow and improve productivity. With our cutting-edge online editor, you can write, compile, and view the live results of your code all in one place. Our JavaScript Compiler is designed to make your life easier, whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out.

The JavaScript Online Compiler offers an intuitive user interface, making it easy for beginners to learn and practice their coding skills. With ready-to-use templates, you can quickly kick-start your projects and learn by example. These templates cover a wide range of topics and are tailored to help you grasp essential JavaScript concepts effortlessly.

One of the key features of our JavaScript Online Compiler is the live view coding result. As you write your code, you can instantly see the outcome, making debugging and testing a breeze. This real-time feedback allows you to iterate faster and catch errors before they become a headache.

In addition to the live view, our JavaScript Compiler offers a rich library of resources to help you level up your coding skills. With comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, and a thriving community of developers, you'll never feel lost or unsupported.

Don't waste any more time juggling between different tools and platforms. Give our JavaScript Compiler a try and experience the convenience of coding, compiling, and viewing your JavaScript projects all in one place. Join thousands of satisfied developers who have already discovered the power and efficiency of our JavaScript Online Compiler. Get started today and unlock your full potential as a JavaScript developer!


Collaborate with your team in real-time. Make coding interviews, teach students or your coworker.

NPM Packages

Play with any of the 2 million NPM packages. React, Vue, Lodash, RxJs, p5.js, three.js, etc.

The Fastest Live View

See results as you type, instantly. Speed-up learning and code debugging. PlayCode is the fastest coding experience ever.

Code Autocomplete

Type code faster and easier with smart code autocomplete. It helps avoid looking for documentation every time and it adds confidence in your coding abilities.

Try it, PlayCode is free.


Linda MacDonald
React, vue, tailwind css at your fingertips
At first I didnt quite understand the value of this deal, so took it for a spin, and I immediately got hooked :) let me just start by saying this is SOOOO super sleek!! Ran a few bugs intentionally and was shown an immediate and exact description of the bug that I had created. The debug feature is worth the price alone! Then I spun up a react project within seconds, (spun up meaning I clicked a button!) and a live preview was INSTANTLY there! no npm run start or anything. and there is virtually any hot frontend framework you can think of vue.js 3 is there! and a whole range of css frameworks including my personal favorite: tailwind css. super pleased!!!!!!
Great for learning, testing and saving time
I use this for learning and testing various web technologies. Gone is the time spent setting everything up, I also get an instant live preview of my work coupled with a useful console. I work with tailwindcss, alpinejs, bootstrap and I can easily explore other technologies. The author is responsive and maintains the application. I requested some frameworks, these were subsequently added. I am glad to have this tool in my arsenal as it changes the way I now work on the web.
Emad Alhamou
A central place to try out code and test new ideas out
I need a central (online) to try out code and test new ideas out. PlayCode is simple to use, elegant, and seems to have covered all the main frameworks and libraries.
Just what I am looking for
It's just great! Very underrated tool, extremely useful for devs and other dev enthusiasts and everyone who want to learn coding!
Great and recommended
An attractive and useful code editor especially the subdomain feature is awesome. I would recommend people to try Playcode. Nice job, keep going!
Evan Williams
Very nice experience
A very nice experience, a beautiful editor that meets all the needs of JavaScript, the ability to add external libraries is great, windows and customize them are one of the best features, also the most important thing is the console and showing the result in a separate window, a really great thing. I highly recommend trying it, it's worth it

Emmet Shortcuts

Emmet will make your HTML & CSS coding unbelievable smooth and fast. Type less work faster. You have to try it!

Bug Finder

PlayCode will find and show you all the errors and help you fix them. It makes the process of "write, run, fix errors, again" instant.

Type Checking

Use the full power of TypeScript. Catch errors early. See typings and issues in the editor. Typings install automatically.

Try it, PlayCode is free.

Documentation On Hover

The documentation is at your fingertips. No need to Open Google and constantly look for how to use this or that function.


Find errors instantly, even when you have 1000 lines of code. The minimap will show all errors and warnings.

Preview in a New Window

Use the new browser window to debug the result. Check responsive websites or use multiple monitors.

Try it, PlayCode is free.


Upload images, videos, sounds, or any other file formats.

The Most Flexible Layout

Arrange the panels as you like. No, really, absolutely, whatever. Any location and size.

Color Themes

Light theme in the sun or dark in the evening. Switch between blue, dark, light and gray themes.

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue, Tailwind css at your fingertips
Old way
1. Buy IDE or editor
2. Install and configure editor
3. Install Node.js
4. Add Node.js to PATH
5. Open IDE and create project
6. Init NPM Project
7. Configure Babel, Typescript, SASS...
8. Npm Install
9. Configure Webpack
10. Create file
11. Write first line of code
Ready to use many frontend and frameworks languages
There are JSX, Typescript, TSX, CoffeeScript, Pug, Less, Sass, SCSS, Stylus. And latest Babel preset.
PlayCode languages

Javascript Compiler

PlayCode's JavaScript compiler supports REPL for JavaScript, TypeScript, and JSX code out of the box. No need to install anything, just start coding!

Javascript Online

Edit and run JavaScript online right in your browser and see the results instantly. PlayCode's JavaScript online editor offers a seamless experience for quick prototyping and testing.

HTML, CSS, JS Integration

Not just limited to JavaScript, PlayCode also supports HTML and CSS, allowing you to build complete web projects.

Javascript IDE

Create multiple JS files, use preprocessors, save your code, format, and customize the editor to fit your needs.

Create and Share

Build apps, demos, or amazing projects with the JavaScript compiler. Share your JS code by simply copying the browser URL.

Javascript Console

Use console to debug javascript code in playcode.

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

In addition to supporting core JavaScript, PlayCode JavasScript Compiler also provides access to popular libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, Angular, and Backbone.js. This allows you to expand your skillset and explore a variety of tools and technologies commonly used in web development.

Flexible and Feature-Rich

The javascript compiler supports creating whole apps with HTML, CSS, version control, and app hosting using Vanilla Names. It also includes a JavaScript console for debugging and the ability to use JavaScript and CSS npm packages such as Vue.js, React, Lodash, RxJS, Solid-js, and many more.

Community-Driven Learning

With PlayCode, you can join a vibrant community of JavaScript enthusiasts, developers, and learners. Share your projects, seek help, and learn from others' experiences, making your journey into JavaScript a collaborative and engaging experience.

Try it, PlayCode is free.