Ruslan Ianberdin
I've been making PlayCode alone for 7 years.

My name is Ruslan, and I am an experienced Full-Stack developer, Team Lead, and CTO with a passion for startups. With over 10 years of rich and in-depth experience in the industry (since 2013), I have honed my skills and expertise in various roles and coding languages.

I embarked on my coding journey 17 years ago (in 2006), exploring languages such as Pascal, Assembler, C, C++, C#, Bat, Bash, Python, Golang, JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, HTML, CSS, Pug, Less, and SCSS. Among these, I have developed a strong proficiency in JavaScript, Python, and Golang.

Throughout my career, I have always aspired to create my own startup. From the early days of programming, I pondered over what I could achieve on my own. Eventually, I conceived the idea of developing a program that simplifies the process of learning programming. This led me to build in October 2016, where users can input code, and the platform automatically displays the output in a separate tab. By providing a selection of starter templates tailored to different programming languages and frameworks, users can dive right into coding without any setup hassle.

The most challenging aspect of this endeavor was finding a way to run Node.js modules directly in the browser without relying on Node.js itself. Over the course of 3-4 years, I dedicated extensive research, encountered setbacks, restarted multiple times, and faced numerous mental hurdles. Eventually, I achieved a breakthrough by leveraging Rollup, a library similar to Webpack, and extensively reworking it to function within the browser. To my delight, it not only worked but also outperformed the original library in terms of speed. Subsequently, I rewrote it once more, leading to a threefold increase in performance. This accomplishment enabled users to write code and instantly visualize the results.

Throughout this challenging journey, I faced countless moments where I contemplated giving up. Cold moments, periods of depression, and burnout tested my resilience. However, I persisted, and the support of my friends, who provided invaluable advice, along with the unwavering motivation from my wife, kept me strong.

I am immensely grateful for the feedback and support from many users of my platform. Their input has proven instrumental in shaping and improving the website, making it a valuable tool for aspiring programmers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I genuinely hope that my unwavering passion for coding, my relentless drive to overcome challenges, and my unwavering commitment to developing innovative solutions shine brightly in all of my work. I firmly believe that by channeling my dedication and expertise into every project, I can make a meaningful impact in the world of technology and inspire others along the way.

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